Britt Storkson
For Oregon State Representative District 59…May 20, 2014 Primary election

I'm Britt Storkson and I'm running for Oregon State Representative District 59 which includes The Dalles, Madras, Culver, Terrebonne, Wamic, Tygh Valley and surrounding areas. I'm 59, widowed, and have lived just outside of The Dalles, Oregon for 31 years. I'm a water pumping specialist and make computer controls for water pumping, fertilizer injection and floatless tank fill. I am also an Oregon Licensed Landscape Contractor in irrigation and backflow installation for nearly 30 years designing and installing irrigation systems.

I running a unique campagin in that I'm not taking campaign contributions. I've found that in almost every case politicians who take campaign contributions end up working for the benefit of their campaign contributors often at the expense of the average citizens like you and me. One important and often overlooked aspect of campaign contributions is that politicians are not only paid to support or promote certain legislation...They are also paid NOT TO OPPOSE bad legislation when they have the power to do so.

I will not have a voters' pamphlet statement because it costs $750.00. It used to be $300.00. That high cost is designed to keep average citizens like you and me out of government. Those who accept campaign contributions don't have to worry about the costs because their campaign contributors pay for that.

As I go door-to-door visiting the voters in my district I'm very encouraged with the reception I have received. Almost everyone I meet is very concerned about the state of our government and wants positive change. With you, the average citizen, behind me WE WILL WIN! And I will look forward to serving you.

Contact information: Phone: 541-296-3792 e-mail

1. Why I'm running for State Representative.

2. Campaign summary.

3. Compare and contrast Britt Storkson and John Huffman* [the incumbent] on significant issues impacting the citizens.

4. Let John Huffman* tell you why you should vote for Britt Storkson.

5. Huffman's* helpers (campaign contributors).

6. District 59 map and history.

7. Just about everything in politics nowadays is money-driven by those who can afford to "buy into" government.

8. How you can help elect Britt Storkson for State Representative.

9. "Politicianitis": A very common and chronic condition for most of today's politicians.

10. If we're going to have a law or rule we need to enforce that law or rule uniformly, not selectively...Or don't have it.

11. My stand on various issues.

12. My detractors. I answer those who oppose freedom and liberty for all.

13. It's not easy being clean. I've paid the price for honesty and integrity. Freedom is not free. It must be defended constantly against those who would take it from us.

14. I am definitely not a big-business Republican. I was fired from The Home Depot after nearly 9 years of service for making a safety device that prevented children from chopping off their fingers with the cable cutters in the electrical department. I am well aware of what big coroprations can and will do to their employees, customers and stockholders. See "How I got fired from The Home Depot" for more information.

15. Explanation of issues.

Why I'm running for State Representative

Some time ago I was encouraged by State Senator Ted Ferrioli to run for a seat on the Wasco Electric Co-operative board of directors as a force to correct numerous problems they had created for the ratepayers over the years. See for more information. The web server for this site informed me that it had been deliberately hacked and "planted" with a virus. The website has been repaired and we have filed a complaint concerning the matter. The Wasco Electric folks can't sue me for defamation because everything on that website is true so it appears they are resorting to other means to silence me.

Wasco Electric Co-operative is a state-sanctioned monopoly utility governed under ORS 62. Wasco Electric has an exclusive state-granted service territory. That means that if you want electric power in their service area you have to buy it from them. You have no choice of your power provider. They have captive customers and can charge whatever they want to whomever they want for electric power. Yet they have unlimited ratepayer funds (your money) to buy politicians and to retain lawyers to defend against even criminal activity.

After running for the board of directors every year for 10 years and losing each time I finally figured out that the elections were rigged and I was never going to win no matter how many votes I got. That's because the law governing Oregon Co-operatives (ORS 62) requires that elections be held but there's nothing in the law that requries that the elections be fair or impartial. That means that elections are meaningless. Those who control the Co-operative can throw all of the votes into the shredder and install whomever they want on the board and we cannot even challenge that in a court of law.

To give you some idea of how "third world" the Wasco Electric Co-op elections are: Wasco Electric holds their own elections, counts their own votes and unilaterally declares the winners. They don't even publish the vote totals or voter turnout figures. That's worse than North Korea's elections. At least they publish the vote totals (100% for the current dictator) and the voter turnout figures (100% for this most recent election).

When I appealed to Senator Ted Ferrioli R-John Day and Representative John Huffman R-The Dalles for them to give us the right to free, fair and impartial elections both of them refused because they are getting money from electric Co-operatives (and many others). That's when I concluded that something is seriously wrong with our politicial representation. Imagine that...Part of the money we pay for electric power goes into the pockets of Rep. Huffman and Sen. Ferrioli to (among other things) make sure that we do not get the legal right to free and fair board of directors elections!

We have become more like a banana republic where if you want a court judgement you buy the judge. If you want something from government you buy the politician. Elections mean nothing because it is not possible to freely elect those to serve us [and wield power over us] or "throw the bums out" when they don't. Hitler and Stalin held elections as well as most every third world dictator in power today. The problem is that the elections don't mean anything because the only ones who win are appointed by those in power, not elected by the people. Josef Stalin once said: "It's not who votes...It's who counts the votes". That's not the country we have been traditionally and certainly not the country most of us want. Many U.S. veterans fought and died so that our country WOULD NOT turn into that type of country. That's why I'm running...For freedom, liberty and justice for ALL...For government by and for the people. Not government sold to the highest bidder.

Also have you noticed how the politicians are more than willing to inflict pain if you don't give them everything they want? State employees that provide vital services such as Department of Motor Vehicles, schoolteachers and even life and death services such as police and fire protection get budget cuts that result in furloughs, 4-day work weeks, etc. Yet the campaign contributors never get cut. They always get regular budget increases. No budget cuts or furloughs for them. Please also note that campaign contributions are given not only to promote certain things but also to insure that the politician does not oppose certain things. That way the politician can claim to be against this or that issue (and collect campaign contributions for that stated purpose) while not doing anything to oppose it. Rep. Huffman even takes money from Democrats. Read it here.

Campaign summary

I think that my campaign can be summed up with a conversation I had with a freind of mine. We ran into each other at the grocery store and during the conversation I told him I was running for office. He asked what office and who I was running against. I said that I was running for State Representative in District 59 against John Huffman. He said "I like John". I replied that I like John too but when we elect John we're not getting John. We're getting his campaign contributors. My friend had to agree.

Let's compare and contrast Britt Storkson and John Huffman*.

Britt Storkson:
     Does not take campaign contributions. 
     Serves the public interest, not special interests.  I'm not for sale.
     Is against secret trials for any purpose. 
     Is for free, fair and impartial elections for all. 
     Is against lawyers looting wills and trusts.
     Is against governments and state-sanctioned monopolies maintaining dossiers that can be used for blackmail, extortion 
		or identity theft.
     Is against governments and monopoly utilities giving money to anybody and everybody which could include giving money
     terrorists or other criminal organizations.  Governments and monopoly utilities should produce a full, complete and accurate
	  public accounting of where they spend their money.  Governments and monopoly utilities should not be allowed to use taxpayer/ratepayer 
	  money for lawyers to defend criminal activity.

John Huffman: 
    Takes campaign contributions form anybody and everybody for political "favors".  
	 Serves special interests, not the public interest.  He is for sale to the highest bidder.
    Is for secret trials for any purpose.  
	 Is against free, fair and impartial elections for all
    Is for lawyers looting wills and trusts.
    Is for governments and state-sanctioned sanctioned monopolies maintaining dossiers that can be used for blackmail, extortion
		or identity theft.
	 Is for governments and monopoly utilities spending money without limits and in secret which could include giving money to 
    terrorist groups or other criminal enterprises.  He is also for Governments and monopoly utilities spending money on lawyers
    to defend even criminal activity.  

For more details see "explanation of issues" at the end of this website.  

These are not Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal issues. These are what we are as a country issues. I have talked to a lot of people and have yet to find even one person who is FOR secret trials, rigged elections and governments and monopoly utilities giving our money secretly to terrorists or other criminal organizations. However I have yet to find one politician who will even release a statement condemning secret trials, rigged elections and government money going in secret to terrorist or criminal organizations, much less do anything to stop these practices. The only people who want these things are the ruling class who want unlimited power over their fellow citizens.

Let Rep. Huffman* tell you why you should vote for Britt Storkson
Call him at 541-298-5959. You will have to leave a message as he never answers that phone because you are not a campaign contributor. If he calls back ask him why he is for [secret trials, rigged elections, inheritance money going to lawyers instead of beneficiaries, dossiers maintained at taxpayer/ ratepayer expense, basically supporting things most Americans oppose]. Don't be intimidated. Remember, he is supposed to serve us as our elected representative. If he says that he agrees with me or claims to know nothing about these issues then ask him what he has done or will do to correct these problems. His answers or lack of answers will clearly demonstrate why you should vote for Britt Storkson for Oregon State Representative District 59. Please feel free to contact me (Britt Storkson) at: 541-296-3792 if you have any questions.

Huffman's* Helpers

Basically our government has become a personal "piggy bank" for those who "buy into" into it by buying the politicians. That means campaign contributions. Click on this link to find out who Rep. Huffman's campaign contributors are and how much they gave. Please note that the campaign contributors in red are out-of-state contributors, problematic in and of itself. Also note that almost everybody who contributes is getting that amount and much more back from government (at the expense of the average citizen/taxpayer who cannot afford to "buy into" the system) directly or indirectly. Finally, please note that while this disclosure lists names and numbers the law does not require that the numbers match the contributor. In other words when it comes to campaign finance reporting money laundering is legal (or not illegal). However money laundering when it comes to IRS reporting is illegal. You can go to jail for that. For example monopoly utilities claim that they don't give money to politicians because it's illegal. But they get around that by giving money to trade organzations like the Northwest Public Power Association who then gives the money to politicians. And that's legal. It is also not illegal for terrorists or other criminal organizations to give money to politicians in secret. How does that make you feel when it comes to national security?

District 59 map and history


The District 59 legislative seat has had a checkered past. John Mabry was a recycled car salesman who ended up pleading guilty to insurance fraud. He admitted to lying to an insurance company and nearly ended up serving jail time as a result. As part of a plea bargain he agreed to resign his legislative seat and pay restitution and legal costs to the insurance company in excess of $20,000. Lying to the public is one thing - there is no penalty for that even though many of us think there should be. Lying to an insurance company is quite another.
Next up was John Dallum. He served part of a term and then abruptly resigned and left the state. While nothing improper has been alleged that we know of it's not often that a legislator quits mid-term and not only leaves the legislature but leaves the state too. John Huffman was appointed to serve out the remainder of the term and was re-elected in 2010 and 2012.

Just about everything in politics nowadays is money-driven by those who can afford to "buy into" government.

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting telemarketer phone calls when you are on the [so called] no call list? It's because the no-call list does not stop every call. Political, religious, charitable and non-profit coporations are all exempt from the law. They can call you as often as they want. Why are they exempt from the no-call law? Because they "lobbied" (gave money to) congress to make them exempt from the no-call law. Another way congress "serves" the telemarketing industry is by not funding - or marginally funding - enfocrement agencies. They give the no-call law enforcement agency enough money so they can say they are enforcing the law but not enough money for effective enforcement. If you don't want to be contacted by a telemarketer - any telemarketer - you should have that right. But you don't have that right because the telemarketers give the legislators money and you don't. The former head of the American Federation of Teachers, Albert Shanker, once infamously said: "I'll start representing the interests of schoolchildren when schoolchildren start paying union dues"

During the discovery phase of the lawsuit we filed against Wasco Electric Co-operative we obtained a dossier several inches thick that Wasco Electric was (and probably still is) maintaining on me. In this dossier it was very clear that Rep. Huffman is "in bed" with Wasco Electric. Rep. Huffman is "in bed" with a state sanctioned monopoly utility that he is supposed to oversee and regulate. I guess that, like Mr. Shanker's schoolchildren, when average citizens start paying campagin contributions Rep. Huffman will start representing average citizens.

How you can help

While I'm not taking campaign contributions you can help in several other ways. By far the most powerful is word of mouth...Simply tell your friends and neighbors about the issues and why they should vote for Britt Storkson. Write letters to the editor. I could use some help with a Facebook or Twitter site. Social media is very useful but something I'm not familiar with. You can buy signs or ads to support our campaign...Just don't give the money to me because I won't accept it. I can supply hand-outs to distribute door-to-door or at gathering places. Remember this is truly a "grass roots" effort and while we have little in the way of money we are motivated by what made America great: Feedom, liberty and justice for ALL.


Politicianitis: A common and chronic condition displayed by most of today's politicians. Symptoms include nausa at even the thought of having to answer questions from the citizens they are supposed to represent as well as a major disconnect from those who elected them which is evidenced by failure to return phone calls from constituents, attend public meetings and actually represent the public interest. One unique aspect of this disease is that connections with campaign contributors are totally unaffected. Like many who try to avoid the stigma of disease one way the politician hides this afflication by meeting with campaign contributors in a certain area and then declares that he/she had "connected" with the public after the fact when the public didn't know anything about it. This projects the image of connecting with the public while not having to field questions from public that often prove embarrassing.

I am troubled about the contempt for the average citizen expressed by the politicians. You know, we would really like free and fair, impartial elections because we want to be able to elect those who rule over us. That's the American way, isn't it? We don't want governments and monopoly utilities maintaining dossiers on citizens not suspected of committing crimes (spying on us) because we think government should operate ethically. Why is operating honestly and ethically a problem? We don't want governments and monopoly utilities giving our money in secret to terrorists and other criminal organizations because we really don't want ourselves and our family members to get blown up with a pressure-cooker bomb like the poor folks in Boston were. Is that too much to ask? We don't want our money used to pay for lawyers to defend criminal activities by governments and monopoly utilities because we want to discourage criminal activity, not reward or defend it. The response by the politicians to our appeals is something like: What are you? Some kind of nut? We don't owe you anything! If the politician represents only those who contribute money to him/her it only follows that the politician doesn't owe us anything.

If we're going to have a law or rule we should enforce it uniformly, not selectively. Otherwise don't have it.

I have been a licensed landscape contractor for nearly 30 years. Every year I have renewed my license on time by submitting the appropriate paperwork and paying the fee. Except for a couple of years ago when my wife died and my world was turned upside down. I paid the fee on time and received the license but didn't fully complete the paperwork. For that I was assessed a $200 civil penalty - a fine. I contacted one of the board members of the Oregon Landscape Contractors board and, while admitting that I did not complete the paperwork fully, asked them why they did not "go after" a landscape contractor in this area who was blatantly violating federal labor laws. The board member replied "because you were low-hanging fruit...An easy target". So I guess from that exchange we can assume that Landscape Contractors board only goes after violators that don't require a lot of work to prosecute. If we can not or will not enforce the law or rules - any law including tax laws - uniformly then don't have the law or the enforcement agency to begin with. We just came through a dark period in our history where the laws were enforced differently on minorities or others deemed "undesirable" simply because they minorities. Fines and prison terms were more harsh for minorities for similar offenses, etc. I don't think that any of us want to go back to those days.

My Stand on important issues for our Oregon

Columbia River Crossing (CRC)...The proposed bridge spanning the Columbia River: This bridge proposal is on a pace to become the first bridge in the history of the world to cost $1 Billion before a single shovel of dirt is turned. This colossal waste of taxpayer money illustrates once again the lack of leadership and good management in Salem. The I-35 bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, Minnesota was similar to the CRC proposal and was rebuilt in a little over a year for about $250 Million. If they can do it we can do it with our bridge.

"Driver privilege cards" for illegal aliens and related issues: I have been endorsed by Oregonians for Immigration reform and helped gather signatures to put this question on the ballot. As I stated above: If we are going to have any law we need to enforce it uniformly - or don't have it. My cousin is a missionary to Thailand and has a Thai wife. They are continually frusterated by faithfully trying to follow the rules regarding immigration laws and then watch while illegal aliens simply move in to our country. Rep. Huffman was instrumental in passing the "driver privelege card" law as well as in-state tuition for illegal aliens. If elected I will work to repeal both of these laws.

Gun control...2nd Amendment rights: While I have never owned a gun and have no interest in guns I am as pro 2nd amendment as you can get. Every American should have the right (and do, according to our constitution) to own guns. My opponent, Rep. Huffman may claim to be pro 2nd amendment but he can take money from the gun control lobby. This money insures that Rep. Huffman will not oppose anti-gun legislation even when he has the power to do so. That way he can refuse to oppose anti-gun legislation and still pass himself off to the voters as being "for" 2nd Amendment rights.

Oregon and the right to work: If elected I will support "right to work" legislation if for no other reason that it creates and retains jobs. One need no other proof than to look at the Boeing Aircraft company in Washington state. Many high-paying avaition jobs have been lost to South Carolina and other states because they are right to work states.

Taxation: What is important about taxation is not so much what form of taxation we have (sales tax, property tax, income tax, etc.). What is important is that whatever tax we have that everyone pays the same rate. With widely divergent tax rates for different people we are now much like George Orwells' Animal Farm where "all of the animals are equal but some are more equal than others".


Below is an editorial from the from the Bend Bulletin published before Rep. Huffman filed for re-election (This article is dated November 17, 2013. According to the Oregon Secretary of State website Rep. Huffman filed for re-election November 21, 2013). They state: "Storkson is running because he continues to believe he has unfairly been denied a seat on the board of directors of the Wasco County Electric Cooperative. That he cannot prove his claim, he says, is proof of its valididty" I never said that. I spent considerable time explaining this to not one but two reporters who called me and they still got it wrong. I said that we don't know if the elections have been conducted fairly/impartially. We do not have the legal right to know that. We do not have the legal right to elections integrity. We do not have the right to third-party verification of these elections. Anybody who has dealt with the IRS knows that the IRS has all of the legal tools (one of them being third-party verification) they need to make sure that you (the taxpayer) are being honest with them. All we are asking is for the legal tools to insure that elections are honest. Rep. Huffman and the Bend Bulletin are against that. Not surprising because politicians with lots of campaign cash buy advertising. And if Rep. Huffman is hostile to even our basic rights and freedoms how can we trust him with anything else?

If I could offer an analogy to illustrate this point: Say a man approaches you on the street and claims to be a plain clothes police officer. He demands that you produce identification and threatens to arrest you if you don't. This man is alone, does not produce a badge or any other form of identification, is not in uniform and there is no police car nearby. Without any third-party verification you have no choice but to assume this fellow is a fraud or imposter. Likewise these board of directors elections may well be legitimate but without third-party verification we have no choice but assume that they are fraudulent. And since both Wasco Electric and Rep. Huffman both oppose third-party verification of these elections it is logical to assume that they have something to hide.

Editorial: Storkson needs to focus on facts and important issues
Published: November 17. 2013 4:00AM PST
State Rep. John Huffman, R-The Dalles, is being challenged for the second time in four years by Britt Storkson, also a Republican from The Dalles. For the sake of voters in the 59th District that Huffman represents, which includes Jefferson and a small bit of northern Deschutes counties, we’re hoping for a more substantive campaign from Storkson than the last time the two men met.
As was the case four years ago, Storkson is running because he continues to believe he has unfairly been denied a seat on the board of directors of the Wasco County Electric Cooperative. That he cannot prove his claim, he says, is proof of its validity. The law governing co-ops, he notes, does not require “free and fair" elections.
While we’re in no position to judge the fairness of co-op politics, we do know that they have little impact on most of the voters in the 59th District, who get their power from public utility districts or private suppliers, among them Pacific Power.
Meanwhile, there are important issues that do affect nearly every community east of the Cascades. Small cities like Fossil, which is part of District 59, are losing population because, farming aside, there’s little to draw people to them. Wheeler County, of which Fossil is the county seat, has a population of only about 1,400 people, and supplying even basic services to them is difficult at best.
As is true anywhere in Oregon, taxes, how to raise them and how to spend them will always be important, as will such things as schools and health care.
Those are the sorts of issues we’d like to see Storkson address in the primary campaign, and we’d like to see him talk about the issues with cold, hard, provable facts. Voters in the 59th District, like voters across Oregon, deserve nothing less.

The Dalles Chronicle article Thursday, April 10, 2014.

The Dalles Chronicle published an interview with me and while they did report most everything correctly and I would like to compliment them for their good work. However I would like to "set the record straight" regarding what they did not report correctly. I have contacted the reporter regarding these inaccuracies over a week ago but have not heard back as of April 18, 2014.

It was reported that Wasco Electric Co-operative refused to comment about my assertions. It may be true that they refused to comment "on the record" but it's obvious they told The Dalles Chronicle what to report "off the record". Since governments and monopoly utilties purchase advertising this surprises no one. Governments and monopoly utilities purchasing advertising is unethical, a conflict of interest and should be illegal becaue they use our money to "buy off" the media outlets in order to get things reported (or not reported) they way they want. One would hope that the media outlets would be above reproach and refuse advertising from Governments and monopoly utilities but I guess that would be too much to ask.

The Dalles Chronicle reported that "In 2010, Davis told The Chronicle that the co-operative had granted Storkson the right to have an independent observer present at vote counting during one election, and that individual found no improprieties". That was not the reason for the independent observer. This was in preparation for the legal action we filed against Wasco Electric seeking information, as provided for by ORS 62.440. Good legal practice dictates that one exhaust all available remedies before filing a legal action and that's what I did.

The Chronicle also reported that: "At one point, Storkson took the co-operative to court in his quest to make the business more 'accountable to ratepayers.' He wanted an in-depth review of financial records but ended up being fined $1,800 by Judge John Wolf for filing a lawsuit without merit". I was not fined for filing a lawsuit without merit. ORS 62.440 provides that, when filing an information request, Oregon Co-operatives may impose "reasonable" restrictions regarding this information. Wasco Electric's attorney demanded that I sign an information agreement (see it here) which basically states that if I use any information in any way that they don't like as they define it the could sue me and get legal fees. This agreement was unlimited and unspecified and nobody in his or her right mind would sign anything that was unlimited and unspecified. Would you sign a contract for anything where the terms were unlimited and unspecified?

However Judge John Wolf, Wasco County Circuit Court, ruled this to be "reasonable". Judge Wolf also convened a secret trial to protect Wasco Electric. So much for judicial impartiality. Just what is Wasco Electric trying to hide? Criminal activity? Wasco Electric's attorney also demanded $130,000 in legal fees for about 10 hours of work. If that were granted this case would have almost certainly been appealed with Wasco Electric losing the appeal because there was a Oregon Supreme Court decision directly addressing this legal fees issue so they couldn't go there. Also they couldn't get $130,000 out of me because my wife had died unexpectely just a few months before this and her end-of-life expenses took nearly everything I had at the time. But they could get $1800 out of me. So Judge Wolf "fined" me $1800 in court costs to make me an example of what would happen to anyone who dared to even request information from a government-sanctioned monopoly.

It's not easy being clean. I've paid the price for freedom

I have paid the price for freedom. Freedom is not free and must be maintained and defended from those who would take if from us. We sued Wasco Electric Co-operative, in part, to find out where they spent ratepayers' money. We even had a specific state statute...ORS 62.440 that allowed such an inquiry. Wasco County Circuit Court Judge John Wolf ruled against us on all counts using a secret trial to fully protect Wasco Electric from any disclosure. Not only did we not get any information but we were fined $1800.00 just for requesting that information. This happend just a few months after my wife died unexpectedly at age 49. I will be many years paying off her end-of-life expenses. Judge Wolf knew this too...Well, maybe he didn't. He made several statements during the trial that suggested he didn't even read the court documents my attorney submitted.

During the discovery phase of the trial we learned that Rep. Huffman and Wasco Electric are maintaining an extensive dossier on me - several inches thick...At ratepayer/taxpayer expsense, of course. This can be used for blackmail, extortion, and identity theft. If they get into trouble they have unlimited ratepayer/taxpayer to buy lawyers for their legal defense...Even for criminal activity. I've lived a pretty plain-vanilla life but you can bet if I had any skeletons in the closet that information would have been front-page news for weeks. The reason they are maintaining this information is because I am effective, credible and they are afraid of me. If I was just another blithering idiot they wouldn't waste their time.

I have also been threatened and intimidated by Wasco Electric...Something both Senator Ferrioli and Rep. Huffman have refused to stop. Why shut off the money spigot? It's sad to think that only those who "buy into" government by buying politicians are afforded any protections whatsoever. If it happened to me it can happen to you too.

Many in our country have paid the price for freedom we now enjoy...Or once had. Freedom is the reason, in large part, for the prosperity we have experienced. From U.S. war veterans to those who gave their lives and fortunes for the cause of freedom such as our founding fathers America's legacy is freedom. We fought the most costly war in our history - the civil war - for freedom - to end human slavery. Freedom is the reason millions of immigrants - including my ancestors - have risked life and limb to come to our shores. Now our freedom is being threatened and we need to take it back from those who would enslave us.

How I got fired from The Home Depot

I don't know how many times I observed children walk up to the wire/cable cutters within easy reach, place their fingers in or near the sharp jaws and move the handles. Thankfully I never had to deal with any injuries but there were a lot of "close calls". To prevent injuries I made a safety device that kept the cable cutters out of reach of children, kept the cutter jaws closed and required that a code be entered on a keypad before the cutters were removed from their "cradle" or a loud buzzer would sound. The user had three minutes to replace the cutters in their cradle or a the buzzer would sound. It also discouraged wire theft. I was never paid for making this safety device nor was I even recognized for my contribution. I was fired after nearly 9 years of service. see Home Depot Safety Cutter Description and Home Depot safety cutter photos for more information. This device has not been patented (at least by me) and I will forego all royalties or other renumeration should someone want to market this. If this device prevents even one injury it will be worth being fired.

Explanation of issues:
*Or whoever the power brokers put up as a candidate.
Secret Trials: Wikipedia defines a secret trial as: "A trial that is not open to the public, nor generally reported in the news, especially any in-trial proceedings. Generally no official record of the case or the judge's verdict is made available. Often there is no indictment. The accused is usually not able to obtain the counsel of an attorney or confront witnesses for the prosecution and the proceedings are characterized by a perceived miscarriage of justice to the benefit of the ruling powers of the society". Right now there is no law prohibiting secret trials. "Due process of law" is meaningless if there is no law on the books to protect you. This is not an accident or oversight. Our rulers want to be able to use secret trials to "take out" anybody they don't like at any time. That's one way the Nazis, Stalin and others used to maintain power.

Rigged elections. Not all voters in elections for government offices and state-sanctioned monopoly board of directors have the right to free, fair, impartial elections and penalties if this standard is not delivered. Right now there is no law that guarantees free, fair and impartial elections for all state, local and state-sanctioned monopoly elections. Again this is no accident or oversight as politicians get money from those who benefit from rigged elections.

Inheritance money going to lawyers, not beneficiaries or survivors.. Current law allows trustees of wills and trusts to spend trust funds for their legal defense if challenged by the beneficiaries. It's very much like an identity thief getting control of your bank account and using your money for their legal defense. The law should be changed to stipulate that if the executor/trustee is challenged in court the money to pay the legal defense fees should come out of the trustee, not out of the the trust funds. The trustee will throw your money away on legal fees but the trustee won't throw their money away on legal fees. Again this is no accident or oversight because current law allows lawyers to loot wills and trusts.

Dossiers maintained on private individuals not suspected of committing crimes. Dossiers are detailed files with personal information about people of interest. Dossiers work because most people are human and have done things they are not proud of and would not want this to become public. This information can be used for blackmail, extortion and identity theft. On top of that governments and state-sanctioned monopoly utilities can spend unlimited taxpayer/ratepayer money to pay lawyers to defend even illegal activity. There is no legitimate reason for governments or state-sanctioned monopolies to maintain dossiers on private individuals not suspected of crimes. Yet there is no law prohibiting the practice.

Governments and state-sanctioned monopolies giving money to anybody and everybody without oversight. Governments and state-sanctioned monopolies have no limits on who they can give money to or how much. Incredibly, there is no law against governments and state-sanctioned monopolies giving money to terrorist groups, their support networks or other criminal organizations.

You don't see this reported in the mainstream or even alternative media like Rush Limbaugh and Lars Larson. Why isn't this being reported? It's because governments buy advertising. Why do governments buy advertising? It's not to make sure certain things are reported. Governments, politicians and monopoly utilities purchase advertising to make sure certain things are NOT reported. If the media isn't reporting this then what else they are not telling us? That's why I'm taking my campaign directly to you, the voter. The voters want what's right for America